The Representative of HIDAIIYO will start a Blog

Dec 10, 2021

Hi, I am Shingo, the representative of HIDAIIYO. In this blog, I plan to write extensively as the representative of the company about the past and future of HIDAIIYO, what I feel and think about starting and running a business in the regional city of Hida and Takayama, inbound tourism, and town development.

What the people around us see is sometimes just a little bit of what has happened after a lot of time has passed and passed through many layers of filters. But the truth is that many years ago, there was a time and a moment that led to the present, so I think that from the time I started my business until this moment was the time I needed to write my blog.

Looking back, there have been many times when I have felt empathy, learned, and gained courage from reading the blogs of people whose names I didn’t even know. I hope that this blog will help move someone’s heart in the right direction, even if only a little.